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“Connor has changed quite DRAMATICALLY since bonding with Simba.
His CONFIDENCE has soared, as has his willingness to talk to others (especially about his dog).
He has learnt the joys of PLAYING with others and his face lights up now that he
understands that he can carry through play through with the kids at his kinder.
Thanks to DKD, a piece of the puzzle in his UNDERSTANDING of the world has fallen into place.”

~ Simba’s Family


We specialise in training assistance dogs for children with autism and other developmental disorders. Our assistance dogs help families in several ways:

  • they walk tethered beside a child to prevent them running away
  • they calm a child during a meltdown
  • they enable a family to access the community and complete regular tasks that were otherwise impossible or too hard to do.
  • they help to break down social barriers in the community

It costs us $25,000 to raise and train an assistance dog for a child with autism and other developmental disorders. Families are required to contribute to the cost of the dog via fundraising.

Waiting list times apply and not all children are eligible for this program. Depending on the child’s needs you may be re-directed to our Companion Dog program.




Companion dogs provide friendship to a child in the home environment. They do not have the same public access rights as assistance dogs. Our Companion dogs can help children in many ways including:
  • increasing confidence
  • lowering anxiety
  • providing companionship
Companion dogs complete socialisation and basic obedience training on our development program. It costs us over $15,000 to raise and train a Companion dog. Families are required to contribute to the cost of the dog via fundraising.




This program is available to families who would like to raise and train their own Companion dog with the support of our qualified staff. DKD staff will source a puppy, match it to the family, and then train the family and puppy together.
Benefits include:

  • The child and puppy grow together
  • Positive association with the family and child in need
  • Strong bonds are forged

Each program is tailored to the individual family’s needs. During this process we encourage all family members to be involved in the training of the dog.

Topics covered in this program can include: crate training, toilet training, general health and care of a dog, sleeping through the night, walking on a lead, solving problem behaviours, general obedience commands, tricks, agility commands, and companion dog commands.

These puppies are placed with their families between the age of eight weeks and sixteen weeks of age depending on the families’ needs. It costs us $6500 to provide this service.


For more information regarding these programs please contact us here.

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